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The two projects that I have added to the design element of this portfolio were the longest lasting of my graduate career. They are also the most complete and rewarding.

Describing and Implementing a Podcast is a one-hour course that introduces podcasting to university professors, and then helps them to create a podcast on their own. In this project, I performed a needs analysis that surveyed faculty at SJSU. I then performed a procedural analysis to determine what steps were needed to successfully teach the faculty how to podcast. I created an ISD planning grid to determine the instructional objectives and strategies. Then, I created instructional materials that would help with the learning process. Finally, I conducted three forms of evaluation to review the program I created.

The Marine Biotechnology and Bioinformatics project was a challenge for me. It gave me the opportunity to look at the Interactive Technologies that I believe in, and implement them. The project supervisor gave some guidelines, but in the end, it was my responsibility to make things happen. For this project, I conducted a needs analysis, worked on designing, developing and implementing several website features, as well as two forms of evaluation.

Describing and Implementing a Podcast

I find that working on a college campus lends itself to observing new trends.  One of the most recent trends and fashion accessories on campus is the iPod. Many students around campus have iPods and other .MP3 players and listen to them on a regular basis. One of the ways that iPods are being used is to disseminate spoken words and interviews with podcasting. 

In this project for EDIT 226, I thought about this interactive technology and how implementing podcasts in college courses could add value to both instructors and students.  By using podcasting as an instructional tool, instructors will not only have a valuable educational instrument at their disposal; their students will have the opportunity to experience a new technology. In order to have access to this powerful educational instrument, these instructors should have the knowledge of how to successfully implement podcasting in their lesson plans.

In this project, I created a one-hour course to teach San Jose State University faculty to use a tool called “Audacity” to create podcasts, to create RSS feeds, and upload created podcasts to a server.

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