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Through out my professional and college career, I have been managing projects. Be it the implementation of a new website for my department, or ensuring that each paper was completed on-time, meeting the criteria of the project. Almost everything we do as individuals requires some sort of project management.

In this section, a person that I admire on both a personal and professional level has submitted a letter of recommendation for your consideration. In addition, I have submitted my most recent performance review, with two 10 ratings, the highest score you can recieve at SJSU. I will let the letter and the review speak for themselves.

Performance Review

I have been an employee at San Jose State University for almost five years.  I work in Academic Planning and Budgets as a Web and Institutional Data Developer.  It’s a long title for a web developer.  I have created interactive Macromedia Cold Fusion pages for the department, as well as implementing a Cold Fusion forum for the Provost Office hiring process.

I am very proud of the two “10” ratings I received on my last review:

“Webmaster.  She demonstrated outstanding initiative and teamwork in working with other units within the Provost Office and Student Affairs on various website upgrades...”

“data analysis, for her outstanding work in supporting the WASC process and its related needs for greated sophistication in data analysis.  Working autonomously in support of Undergraduate Studies and others, she consistently provided information that was extremely useful to others...”

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