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Development is by far my favorite piece of the instructional design process. It allows me to let my creative juices flow, and put those ideas into motion.

In this section, I have four pieces. The first is a web-based job aid that I created for EDIT 271. It shows the learner how to use a podcast creation tool, based upon what the tool looks like, and how it actually works.

In addition, I have placed three pieces that are themed around a singular subject, destination Modern Art. For my EDIT 273 projects, I wanted to think about the process for a singular company, with a singular ending. By presenting a concept this way, I was able to show that a consistent look and feel still allows for creativity. All three pieces are print pieces, in different formats. One is a flyer, one is a job aide that sits on a desk, and the final is a tri-fold mailer.

destination Modern Art - Job Aide

imageIn this project, I continued on with my EDIT 273 theme, destination Modern Art.  I created a job-aide for a fictional museum, and a fictional program, Destination Podcasts.

The purpose of this job-aide is to assist destination Modern Art patrons in downloading podcasts to their iPod using destination Modern Art computers and equipment. There are many reasons why the museum is allowing patrons to download podcasts at the museum.  First it gives patrons who did not hear about the program in advance to take advantage of the program.  Second it allows patrons who do not have internet access at home to download the podcasts.  Thirdly, it helps show that the museum is committed to the program.

The audience for this job-aide is the members, donors and patrons of destination Modern Art.  It is not only meant to remind those patrons who forgot to download the podcasts how to do so, but to help those patrons who have never downloaded a podcast before.  Because of the nature of the program, there is an assumption that if the patron owns an iPod, they know how to use iTunes, and how to hook their iPod up to a computer.

The design of the job-aide is based on showcasing images of technology to remind the readers of the process of downloading music to their iPod.  In order to showcase the initial image further, the title text follows the curve of the wire, and the eye is drawn to read what it says. 

pdf version of this flyer


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