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University Syllabi

In EDIT 285, instead of following the normal route of creating a course individually, the class took a different approach.  Each student was given the opportunity to take an idea from the text book and make it a 1 hour course.  In addition, all the courses created would be added to a combined EDIT 285 website, for use in subsequent courses.  This made for a very interesting semester.  Not only were we, as students, responsible for our individual projects, we were each assigned part of the whole course.  Some worked on creating pages, some worked on accessiblity issues, while others worked on editing and testing.

My role in the EDIT 285 project was project management.  It was my task to ensure that we not only completed the task, but that we completed it on-time, with no errors.  In order to do this, I created a project plan for the group, worked with team members that were having problems, and more importantly served as the person who kept the team motivated to do what they needed to do.

For my course, I chose to work with Online Syllabi.  This project works well in the utilization section for two reasons.  First, syllabi are in themselves policies.  They provide the policies of the course to the student, as well as dictating university policy.  Second, created a one-hour course on the importance of strong syllabi and implemented it on a class website. 

University Syllabi Instructional Design Plan | the University Syllabi presentation | the EDIT 285 University Syllabi website


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