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imageAnother project I created for EDIT 273 was the tri-fold flyer.  I found this project the most satisfying of my graduate career, and I am very proud of it.  This project solidly supports my theme, Interactive Technology for Learning and Performance, while showcasing my creativity.

In this project, I created a tri-fold flyer for a fictional museum, and a fictional program, Destination Podcasts.

The purpose of this tri-fold flyer is to announce a new audio program to Destination Modern Art members, donors, and patrons.  Destination Podcasts is a means to provide vivid and detailed descriptions of key works in the museums collection.  The initial printing will include mailing the flyer to all paid members and donors.  Additional flyers will be printed and left at the membership desk for general public use. 

The audience for the tri-fold flyer is the members, donors and patrons of Destination Modern Art.  On a secondary note, the flyer is also designed to be attractive to a younger audience.  The museum is hoping that with the addition of podcasts more teenage and college-aged patrons will take an interest in upcoming exhibits.  In order to grab their attention, the photos in the flyer focus on younger people and highlight the technology involved.

The design of the tri-fold flyer is based on showcasing images chosen to grab the readers attention.  In order to showcase the initial image further, the title text follows the curve of the hip, and the eye is drawn to read what it says.

pdf version of this flyer


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