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imageOne of the most exciting portions of my Instructional Technology program was EDIT 273.  EDIT 273 allowed me to use the technologies I already had experience with, and to learn new ones.  I was encouraged to think outside of the box.  I was encouraged to find a theme and run with it.  I was able to think about my theme, Interactive Technology for Learning and Performance, and consider how a fictional museum could implement a fictional program, Destination Podcasts.  A program that shares podcasts with it’s patrons to encourge their learning about art.  The first project I created was a flyer.

The purpose of this flyer was to solicit submissions for an upcoming podcast program sponsored by destination Modern Art.  Destination Modern Art decided to implement a program that wouldl allow their patrons to download audiofiles that correlate to pieces of art in the museums permanent collection, as well as short-term exhibitions.  The exhibition Surrealist Photography & Sculpture from Bay Area Collections was a new exhibit for the museum, and was the first exhibit that had podcasts associated with it.

This flyer had many incarnations.  Initially, it focused upon art that was going to be in the exhibit.  As the theme for the portfolio progressed, the focus migrated from the actual pieces of art to the artistic value of the technology itself.  By choosing an iPod as the focus of the flyer, the focus of the marketing campaign is now squarely with the technology.  Because the audience of the flyer already had experience with the art involved, it was important to grab their attention with something they are less likely to use, and understand… the iPod. 

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