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Audacity Job Aide

imageIn 1995, I created my first webpage.  I wrote my own HTML, I’m not even sure I had an image at that point.  It was just text.  I remember when I added my first image, and my first site design.  It was a frames based page, with different font faces as the navigation.  As far as design goes, it was, well lets just say, not pretty.

EDIT 271 gave me the opportunity to do something I really enjoy, designing webpages.  One of the projects that I found most rewarding was creating a job aide for using Audacity.  I had completed my EDIT 226 project that discussed creating podcasts, and thought a nice addition to that project would be a job aide for the software program I recommended using.

The design of this webpage was based upon the actual Audacity software.  For the index page, I used roll-overs to simulate the button effect of the software.  For the following pages, I used screen shots for showing the dropdown menus. 

Audacity Job Aide developed for EDIT 228


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