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Through out my professional and college career, I have been managing projects. Be it the implementation of a new website for my department, or ensuring that each paper was completed on-time, meeting the criteria of the project. Almost everything we do as individuals requires some sort of project management.

In this section, a person that I admire on both a personal and professional level has submitted a letter of recommendation for your consideration. In addition, I have submitted my most recent performance review, with two 10 ratings, the highest score you can recieve at SJSU. I will let the letter and the review speak for themselves.

Internship Recommendation

This is an excerpt from a letter of recommendation written by Steven McGriff:

“This letter serves as my recommendation of Ms. Gwendolyn Dapper for positions or project work that involves any domain of instructional technology. I have served as her advisor and four times as an instructor before supervising Gwen’s internship as the webmaster for the Marine Biotechnology and Bioinformatics website, Summer 2006 through Spring 2007.

In the course of the internship, Gwen redesigned the website architecture, developed and implemented new web technologies, such as a photo gallery, breadcrumbs, and a blog. She had recommended these technologies and the formative evaluation of the web site by the stakeholders indicated a sipficant improvement in functionality and improved sophistication of the graphical user interface.

Ms. Dapper worked in collaboration with me and at times independently to create a thoughtful user experience for the website.  She demonstrated professional level skills and competence in website design and management, which resulted in quick implementation of what I consider complex design ideas.”

Steven McGriff’s Recommendation from EDIT 242


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