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A portfolio can be many things.  It can be artists drawings, photographs and renditions placed in a book to share with gallery owners, prospective clients and employers.  It can be printed pages placed in a book for a person to share with hiring managers.  It can be a series of screen shots, placed on a series of web pages, to show a developers body of work.

At San Jose State University, in the Instructional Technology department, it is a place for graduate candidates to show their depth of knowledge, and their ability to apply the skills they have learned in an educational and professional setting.  When I thought about my portfolio, I thought it was important to not only present the work I had accomplished, but to do it in a format that took advantage of my topic: Interactive Technology for Learning and Performance.  To do this, I decided to place my portfolio in one of the most controversial new learning tools available, a blog. 

By placing my portfolio in a blog, I can not only take advantage of a content management system, I can give my reviewers the opportunity to comment, and share those comments with others.  In order to focus on the technology involved, I chose a simple design that clearly shows all elements of my portfolio and implemented it using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).  I used CSS so that I could easily modify and manipulate site design without modifying each page. 

These are technologies that I have researched, and used in my projects.  I find these technologies the future of teaching and learning.  I hope you enjoy my interpretation of these technologies, as much as I enjoyed learning about them.  Feel free to comment on any entry.  In my opinion, a portfolio is a work in progress, and is always in need of discussion.



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